Tree Rat (mcfractal) wrote,
Tree Rat

Procession of the Species Parade 2007

Had a fun and busy weekend. Friday, I went to doc_mcdowell's place to jam. Ended up needing to go to Lakewood and Northgate to replace lost makeup. Had a great time playing music with the foxcoon.

Saturday, I marched in the Procession of the Species Parade. It was alfador_fox's first procession parade and he seemed to have fun.

I was pawed and had no camera, but I found a few photos on flickr.

Photos and info can be found at the Procession of the Species website.

Alfador leaping, me walking

From left to right, Alfador, Sugra Tiger (as a dapper fox), Lion of Yelm, Fractal, Calypte, and Gusty Fox as Cassie.
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