Tree Rat (mcfractal) wrote,
Tree Rat

Reclusive Rodents

Went to the Secret Chiefs 3 show at Neumos earlier this week.

How can I describe this? To sum it up with words alone can't do this band justice. I'll give it my best attempt.

Transcendental. Transcending is the breaking of rules, and they make that alone into a great art.

The complex polyrythems, the jumping between not only eclectic musical genres, but between land -race microtonalities on instruments as eclectic and diverse as the sounds they are producing.
The ability to rock so hard that it cuts into the space-time continuum in which we sometimes believe we reside!

Lyrics? None. The music speaks for itself. Besides, if there were lyrics then Mike Patton would be singing and it would basically be Mr. Bungle, and not Secret Chiefs 3.

No mistake, I am a Mr. Bungle fan, but if you are or aren't, you should at least try to expose your consciousness to the mild-altering pressure waves.

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