Tree Rat (mcfractal) wrote,
Tree Rat

Sweet Electricity

Federal Way lost power Thursday night, and we just got it back. YAY!

Friday, still no power, but hey there wasn't else to do, so I went to mascot for The Squirrels again for the annual XXXMas Extravaganza.

The opening band, Nigel Mustafa made me an instant convert to the stylings of "Avant'Tard>". Songs can be downloaded from their website, but of course, they're much better live.

In the middle of their set, I had to reluctantly go backstage to get suited up. Here I'm in the loading dock area before the show, staying nice and cool out there.

The Squirrels rocked as usual, and there was a great crowd of people, most of whom didn't have any power at home either. Luckily Ballard still had power and there were open grocery stores and gas stations that were charging normal prices. (Unlike the two open, generator powered gas stations on the Eastside that were charging just under $5 a gallon)

There were four fallen angels this year, doing their civic duty of getting plastered and rowdy.

Here is a Short video from the show. They're playing Rhiudolph, to the tune of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon, but with the words of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. o/~Rhiudolph, Won't you guide my sleight, oh won't you guide my sleigh tonight. o/~ (Note if the video doesn't play you can download the XVID codec here)

Luckily ballard wasn't hit badly, and only a few stoplights were out (Where people collided with each other) And it was a good chance to fuel up at a running gas station and grocery shop. Everyone was out of firelogs, but there were a few emergency ones at the apartment.

Back in Federal Way everything was once again dark.

Saturday morning Rocky and I drove to Parkland where there is a store A&A woodstoves that manufactures their own pressed logs. Luckily we knew about this place. They had plenty of logs for $1.20 a piece, versus around four bucks for the presto logs at a grocery store. And instead of being mostly wax with sawdust, thus providing a lot of light with little heat. These logs are pressed hardwood with no wax so they put out massive amounts of heat for hours, but with a dimmer flame. We scored candles at Big Lots at a decent price. There were a few emergency candles to get us through before the shopping trip.

All and all it was quite an interesting weekend.
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